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About James Photography

Hello! My name is Farrell James and I am your freelance photographer!

James Photography started in 2019 where I took pictures of some of my friends simply as a little pet project or hobby.

Having enjoyed doing so, I would later in the year decide to take pictures of the University of Ottawa's Men and Women's Basketball teams. 

Farrell James - About Me

During, the pandemic, I slowly continued marketing my photos and developing my skills. After a bit, that is when I decided to be a photographer for hire as well.

After Covid had started, I moved to Preston, Lancashire where after meeting new people, I was able to develop my portrait skills with the new surrounding I was in. 

After a year of settling in, I began doing additonal photoshoots for local university societies as well UCLan's Men's Basketball team. 

Why Sports Photography?

I have been an athlete most of my life, playing sports is something that brings out the most thrill in my life.

I have had numerous memorable plays that I will always remember but also watched quite a few amusing games. So being able to capture those best moments and enclose those emotions in a frame for other athletes is something I sincerely enjoy doing.

Why Portrait Photography?

Fashion became something I was advidly interested in, trying on new clothing and branching out to different styles always intriguing to do. And seeing those outfits photographed to remember it is something you cherish. So helping others show case their unique outfits and personal sense of fashion in mutliple photos is a pleasure for me.



Across my years of photography, I have done some very fun and eventful photoshoot. I would like to share them with you all so you can not only see the diversity in my skillset but as well as a way for you all to see that I am good at what I do.

uOttawa Men's Basketball Team

2019-20 (Ottawa, Canada)

This was the first task I was presented once I had purchased a camera. I was able to watch and take pictures of multiple games.

uOttawa Women's Basketball Team

2019-20 (Ottawa, Canada)

After taking a few pictures of the Men's Basketball team, I was permitted to take photos of the Women's Basketball team as well.


2020 (Oakville, Canada)

Covid had unfortunately halted the progression of my sports photography skillset. But then I was presented an opportunity to discover an interest and apptitude for portrait photography. Being able to take some pictures for high school graduates really open a new path for me. 

UCLan Men's Basketball Team

2021-23 (England)

Even after going overseas to further my education, I still continue to express my passion with my university's men basketball team.


2023 (Caledon, Canada)

Just like the graduation pictures, Covid had prevented many people from fully enjoying their prom. So, I jumped at the opportunity of capturing these meaningful moments for others.

North End Galacticos FC

2021 (Preston, England)

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UCLan American Football Team

2022-23 (Preston, England)

After discovering a new sport where I enjoyed myself heavily on the field, I wanted to see how I could capture those moving moments through a lens.

Academy of Martial Arts

2023 (Brampton, Canada)

This is another part of my life I believe that needed to be captured, wether is was during mid competition or a dojo photoshoot.

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